Inventing ways to manage
your energy

Innovative battery systems for transport,
industry and energy storage.

Explore our technology

Take advantage of scale
with a GigafactoryX.

With new production capabilities we can handle large scale projects.

1.2 GWh

New GigafactoryX production capabilities from 2024. Ultimately up to 4 GWh.

We create a new generation of battery systems

We drive the development of zero-emission transport and sustainable energy.

Public transport

Industrial vehicles

Rolling stock


Renewable energy

Power industry

Industrial robots


Industrial vehicles

We will help you to unlock the potential of the green transformation.

With our battery systems, you reduce costs, achieve sustainable development goals, and protect the environment.

Next-gen batteries

  • Higher capacity and power
  • Extended lifespan
  • Enhanced safety

Lower operating and maintenance costs

  • Savings on fuel and servicing
  • Reduced electricity bills

Improved efficiency and energy independence

  • Efficient use of renewable energy
  • Power supply security
  • Off-grid capability

More eco-friendly and sustainable

  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Cleaner air and well-being
  • Promoting the green transformation

Benefit from the effective solutions based on innovative engineering

Our clients include: Solaris Bus & Coach, Voith, Kiepe Elektrik, TEMSA, Dancer Bus, Phoenix Motorcars, and more.

20 000+

Battery systems delivered

3 000+

e-buses, including over 300 in Poland


Employees, 100+ engineers of various specialties

150 mln km

logged in IMPACT telematic

State-of-the-art battery technologies are part of our everyday life

For years, we have been actively working on developing new and better ways to store and manage energy.

R&D Centre

A team of 100+ engineers, who stand at the forefront of our innovation. They’re not only crafting new designs, but also uncovering ingenious solutions to enhance efficiency, lower costs, and elevate our products. From prototypes to final pieces, their dedication drives our progress.

Future oriented approach

We constantly monitor market trends and research data, to bring you best battery system created from thoroughly validated components.


Our research and development of hydrogen-based solutions exemplify our commitment to decarbonization and self-sufficiency. This will provide a green, sustainable, and autonomous energy source across various sectors.

Advanced BMS by Impact

We can offer a first-class system, proven in use in the Automotive sector, entirely of our own making, without dependence on suppliers of such solutions.

We engineer future-ready clean technologies.
What is your super power?

Be part of the green transformation and join our team in developing sustainable solutions for transportation and energy storage.