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Modular construction

• Unlimited expansion possibilities • Reduced O&M costs

Optimal design

• Minimal footprint • High energy density • Long lifespan


• Proprietary BMS & EMS system • Cybersecurity measures • Integrated fire risk reduction system

Additional services

• Remote diagnostics • Technical support located in Poland • Operation and aging management

We create effective solutions
based on innovative engineering


LFP systems delivered


LTO Li-ion systems delivered


Installed ESS capacity (kW)


Installed ESS energy capacity (kWh)

Transforming your energy and efficiency

Energy storage and solar synergy can maximize self-consumption, simplify grid connections and reduce the load on transmission and distribution networks, all leading to a faster return on investment and grater energy autonomy.

Designed for …

With new generation technology ready for rapidly changing market.

Power industry
Renewable energy
Capacity Market
Energy-intensive industry
Energy producers/distributors

Innovative product portfolio

Wide application range. State-of-the-art design. Possible implementation support with our partners.

Battery-string cabinet

150 – 372 kWh

Installed energy (BoL)

665 – 1331 V

Nominal voltage


Lithium-ion Technology

Battery container

1 220 – 3 730 kWh

Installed energy (BoL)

665 – 1331 V

Nominal voltage


Lithium-ion Technology

and validated framework

Comprehensive from start to finish with tailored or standard solutions and aftersales assistance.


Application analysis


Offering the optimal solution


Storage system delivery and construction


Integration, warranty and maintenance



Better understanding of customer needs

Choice between standard or tailored design

Turnkey project implementation

Ensuring integration with the inverter, EMS, and SCADA systems. Wide customer support.

Extensive help throughout whole product lifetime

Industry-leading technical

At heart we are a R&D company with people who live to include innovation into your products.

Cell agnostic approach

In Impact we believe no cell chemistry is superior. Our goal is to provide a wide range of possible solutions, so that you can choose one that best fits your needs, also from supply chain point of view.

Complete system design

We look at our products as whole systems, not only battery packs. Our R&D Center is ready to develop, optimise and test battery solution from scratch, in order to provide you a fully functional “plug&play” system.

Designed to fit your needs

From the first requirements alignment to aftersales support – our goal is to create system and cooperation plan best suited for you.

Designed to fit your needs

Find your perfect sustainable storage for grid and power generation. We’re here to elevate your capabilities.