Optimal chemistry for your specific application

We focus on a comprehensive process of selecting proper chemistry for battery system solutions, considering multiple criteria.

Longer lifetime
Balance between energy and power
Higher energy Density
Energy34 kWh65 kWh105 kWh
Weight500 kg465 kg525 kg
DimensionsL 1400 mm x W 800 mm x H 420 mm
Energy density68 Wh/kg140 Wh/kg200 kWh
LifetimeVery longLongMedium


Naturall fit into the post-decarbonization architecture of the energy industry.

By implementing into the market a long-life hydrogen fuel cell, we are expanding the environment of electricity and heat generation in a stationary and mobile segments.

Future oriented approach

Next generation chemistry

We do wide research on new chemistries such LMFP, Li-Sodium, solid-state and many others.

Stable supply chain

We want our supply chain to be stable and simple, so in addition to being the world's largest manufacturer, we strive to provide good quality components from suppliers in Europe.

R&D Center

With state-of-the-art technologies, and over 100 dedicated engineers.

Development of new designs

Research on new chemistries 
and technologies.

Innovations in product optimisation

Efficiency improvement, price reduction, design simplification.


Testing components, prototypes and final products.

Advanced BMS by Impact

More than 15 years of experience in BMS development

We have been taking care of the development of our BMS for many years.

ICPT electronics design and software development in house

From the first requirements alignment to aftersales support – our goal is to create the best-suited system and cooperation plan for you.

R100.3 – ready BMS and algorithms

Our in-house developed BMS is R100.3 ready, equipped with thermal event and thermal runaway warning functions. R100.3 homologation is scheduled for Q4 2023.

Flexibility in design

We are not afraid of projects that require us to create battery systems with unusual shapes, applications or parameters.

Designed to fit your needs

Need the flatest underfloor pack or other record breaking battery?
We’ve got your technical needs covered.