signifies a transformative leap forward

Large scale production capabilities

Featuring short-run to volume production processes.

1.2 GWH

capacity in 2024

16 000

battery systems in 2024

Factory that leaves a lasting impression

58 000 m2

total area

16 300 m2

production facility

11 m

height of production hall

A new battery every 11 minutes.

  • Highly automated and robotized

  • Easily adaptable for new products

  • Full product traceability

Cutting-edge laboratory
and battery testing center

IMV vibration

Thermal chambers

Shaker systems

State of the art battery technologies
are part of our everyday life

For years, we have been actively working on developing new and better ways to store and manage energy.

R&D Centre

A team of 100+ engineers, who stand at the forefront of our innovation. They’re not only crafting new designs, but also uncovering ingenious solutions to enhance efficiency, lower costs, and elevate our products. From prototypes to final pieces, their dedication drives our progress.

Future oriented approach

We constantly monitor market trends and research data, to bring you best battery system created from thoroughly validated components.


Our research and development of hydrogen-based solutions exemplify our commitment to decarbonization and self-sufficiency. This will provide a green, sustainable, and autonomous energy source across various sectors.

Advanced BMS by Impact

We can offer a first-class system, proven in use in the Automotive sector, entirely of our own making, without dependence on suppliers of such solutions.
Designed to fit your needs

Need the flatest underfloor pack or other record breaking battery?
We’ve got your technical needs covered.